Strategically placed just past Kyoto's Nijo Castle, Menbakaichidai Fire Ramen rebelliously stands out compared with the royal city's increasingly traditional atmosphere.

After entering you're welcomed with an exciting welcome from the charming staff and the shockingly sweet smell of charred kujo-negi (a sort of green onion developed in Kyoto). The scorched and somewhat liquefied ledges, then again, stand out as much as the restaurant itself. This fills in as both a notice and an attraction for what is soon to come.

When ordering your fire ramen, a bowl of ramen will be set before you with an immense appearance of kujo-negi totally overpowering the noodles beneath.This unique topping is critical to the ramen's flavor and can't be missed or substituted. After the last safety check, the staff will pour a little scalding oil over the ramen which right away bursts into fearsome fire. Now, the ramen feels like a spring of gushing lava than an entrée. When the ramen starts to ignite, the dramatics ends and what remains is a tasty bowl of ramen and satisfied customers.

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Despite the fact that the introduction of the fire ramen draws in rush-chasing, ramen-cherishing customers, it serves a purpose.

Menbakaichidai has been serving ramen the same way since the beginning and says that when the kujo-negi is immediately ignited with the oil, they add a fragile flavor directly to the juices. Cooking the onions in some other manner basically won't yield the ideal outcomes. In case you're a doubter, see it with your own eyes and have an unforgettable supper at the restaurant.

Know before you go

Menbakaichidai offers menus in various language, including English, Chinese and Korean. For your security, there are regulation that ought to be carefully pursued: no photos, stay seated "under any circumstances", don't touch the bowl and keep your apron on while eating, are clearly stated before the fire is lit.

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In spite of the fact that customers can't take photographs nor video while the ramen is being plated, the staff are ready and have a preparation to take a video for you free of charge. Fire Ramen begins at ¥1,250; with rice ¥1,480; with rice and gyoza ¥1,690; and with rice, gyoza and browned chicken ¥2,150.

Please remember that Menbakaichidai's Fire Ramen isn't veggie lover or vegetarian friendly.