Being a star is not always an easy job, many actresses and actors have to suffer from rumors that isn't true. It may result in the end of their career, this is the reason why many Kpop idols chose to stay away from it as much as possible. However, the little Shirley Temple was to innocent to protect herself from what people said about her at that time.

One lady Claimed That Temple stole Her Daughter's Soul

One of the foremost freakish accusations levied at Temple came in 1939. The accuser believed that Temple had taken her daughter’s soul, and she or he went so far as to try to assassinate Temple throughout a live radio performance of “Silent Night.”
The woman believed that shooting Temple would unleash her daughter’s soul from captivity, however fortunately, she was unsuccessful.

Temple Was suffering from Nasty, Untrue Rumors

Whether it absolutely was jealousy, animosity, or plain stupidity, nasty rumors abounded around the young Temple. the small girl had a stocky build, and one rumor unfold that she wasn’t a baby in the least, however truly an old dwarf. In her life history, she wrote that the rumor was so prevalent — particularly in Europe — that the Vatican Palace sent Father Silvio Massante to investigate her.

To further perpetuate the myth, some folks argued that she never appeared to lose any of her baby teeth, and surmised that this meant she really had her adult teeth. Another rumor said that her teeth had been filed to make them seem like baby teeth. Unsurprisingly, Temple often lost teeth, however - as she points move into kid Star - she wore dental plates and caps to cover the gaps in her teeth once she was on -camera.

Temple's frizzy blond hair was one among the young actress's trademarks, therefore of course some busybodies claimed that she wore a wig. Temple remembers that sometimes, fans would yank her hair to check the rumor. She writes that there have been times once she wished that she really could wear a wig, thanks to the grueling nightly method she had to endure to maintain her pretty locks, that additionally included a weekly vinegar rinse that burned her eyes.

Do you think nasty rumors were already the worst thing that could happen to a kid? In her case, no! Shirley did not have a happy childhood, either.