January 14 is assigned as National Clean Off Your Desk Day. The possibility of the occasion being in January is to integrate with individuals' New Year's goals for getting composed and cleaning up.

Here's another motivation to wipe off your work area or even your kitchen: If you have felines, you know how much they love to shove things around over or onto the floor. In the event that you have less things jumbling your flat surfaces, then there are less things your cat can damage or demolish.

Obviously you might ask yourself: Why do felines thump things over to start with? Turns out there are a few reasons.

Felines like to toy with their prey

Have you at any point watched your feline chase a prey? Odds are she didn't simply go for the execution. No, she likely played with her prey for a long while. Regardless of whether it's a mouse or a housefly, I'll wager that your feline will bat the poor thing around, a lot to her joy. Sometimes, she'll might give it to you as a "present"— leaving a dead animal on your pillow.

Cats appreciate investigating

Quoting from an article in PetMD, felines utilize their paws to investigate things around them. They are "testing" these articles for sound or contact, since it causes them find out what's safe to touch and what isn't. Think about your feline's paw pads as a pair of antennas that they use to get comfortable with their environment.

Your feline may be exhausted

Much the same as a child saying over and over again, "Hey, mom, hey, mom, hey, mom… " your feline might attempt stand out enough to be noticed. Despite the fact that a few felines are distant, there are times when they do need you to play with them. Also, whacking your coffee mug off your work area may be a cry for some kitty amusement.

Or then again your feline may just be bored and searching for things to keep it occupied. I've discovered that when my dog Oscar puts his head in my lap by the day's end, he's telling me it's time to "cuddle" on the sofa. On the off chance that you have a feline that is always knocking things off your work area or kitchen counters and doing it frequently at the same time every day, planning some playtime might be a good idea.

Ways to play with your feline

Pet food manufacturer Nutro has five thoughtful proposals for playing with your cat.

1. Cat fetch

Too big?

Did you know that a few felines can and will play fetch like canines? The key is to pick toys that have some weight to them so you can toss them far but are small enough to fit in your feline's mouth. In the event that your feline takes the toy back to you, you need to strengthen that behavior. Award her with feline treats. Toss the toy again and see what occurs.

2. Crumpled paper

Here's a complimentary gift for your feline to appreciate: folded paper from your waste bin. Cats love toys that make crinkle sounds. They may bat it around or move over and grapple with it. But watch out for your cat. In the event that she begins to chew and eat the paper, remove it. It's not beneficial for felines to eat paper.

3. Play chase with plume and string

You can play chase with a stick with a plume on the end or basically a bit of string. Walk gradually past your cat, hauling the string or stick behind you, and chances are he'll come after it and hurl on top of it.

4. Play with a paper bag

I grew up with cats and always liked shopping for groceries. Why? Since when my mother got back home and emptied the bags, she would drop one paper bag on the floor for my cats Honey and Firecracker to play in. Think of kids who love the box more than the presents in it. My cats would discover so much satisfaction from playing around in those paper bags. If you happen to get some paper bags when you shop, hurl one on the floor and see what the result is.

5. Catch the light

For reasons unknown, felines are fixated on reflected lights. You can play get the light with a spotlight or the light on your cell phone. Experts suggest not to use laser pointers, as they can hurt your feline's eyes.

At last, when buying toys for your feline, try to purchase more than one, however don't utilize them at the same time. Since felines are bored easily, you need to cycle old toys out and new ones in regularly. It doesn't mean discarding the old ones. Simply put them away for some time. By doing so, when you take them out once more, they'll give off an impression of being new to your cat and you won't have had spend any money on this "new" toy.

Hopefully, one of these activities will captivate and deplete your feline so they'll never knock things off your desk. On the other hand, in the event that you do take an interest in National Clean Off Your Desk Day, you won't have much left around your desk for your cat to knock onto the floor, right?

Based on: parade.com