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Protect your skin from pollution

This article will help you comprehend the effects of air pollution on your skin. Besides, we suggest some tips protect your skin from pollution. Photo by Isabell Winter / UnsplashWhat Are The Main Pollutants?Along with traffic jams, pollution is likely one of the greatest inconveniences of urban living. A few

Itchy skin: a symptom with multiple causes

This article will reveal to you the reason causing itching for the skin and give you some tips to prevent your skin from itching. Photo by Brandless / UnsplashWhy Does Skin Become Itchy?Itchy skin or "pruritus" is a typical issue. Pruritus is clinically characterized as a subjective and unpleasant sensation

How Sugar Damages Your Skin

Do you have a sweet donut in your hand? There is a little information that will enable you to put down that donut and walk away: Sugar ages you. Despite many factors that harm your skin, sugar is probably one of the worst offenders for entirely aging your face and

How to Give Yourself a Makeover

Try a new makeup look. Try some new eye shadow, new lipstick color or a brighter blush. Give yourself another color blend, but make sure you choose colors that still match your skin tones. Be more flexible in changing your appearance, such as punk, pin-up or glamorous, or natural. Be

Common skin problems and amazing treatments

Skin concerns and conditions can be uncomfortable, however, the proper treatment with active herbal ingredients will produce wonderful results. To learn about the proper products for your skin concern and try our recommendations or learn the way to build a skincare routine. ACNE / BREAKOUT PRONEAcne can have an effect on

Can a moisturizer help your skin cells produce more collagen?

The short answer is no. The long answer is probably, yet still probably no. To know why it helps to understand a little bit more regarding collagen and how it’s made. Collagen is the main structural protein in human connective tissues, most notably our skin. The vast majority of

What to do and don’t do when a painful pimple appear on your face

Pimples, everyone’s worst nightmare, we’ve all been through the situation where suddenly a giant pimple appears on our face. This definitely effects your confidence when hanging out with your friend and participate in every other social activity. Don’t  panic, remember these do’s and don’ts tips