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Do you know about Lake Mashu in Japan?

Lake Mashu is regularly referred as Kamuito, signifying "the lake of gods", and local people avoid to go near the lake as they can get into trouble easily. Conceived from a volcanic ejection around 2,000 years back, Japan's baffling Mashu-ko, or Lake Mashu, is reputed to be one of

How Sugar Damages Your Skin

Do you have a sweet donut in your hand? There is a little information that will enable you to put down that donut and walk away: Sugar ages you. Despite many factors that harm your skin, sugar is probably one of the worst offenders for entirely aging your face and

How to Give Yourself a Makeover

Try a new makeup look. Try some new eye shadow, new lipstick color or a brighter blush. Give yourself another color blend, but make sure you choose colors that still match your skin tones. Be more flexible in changing your appearance, such as punk, pin-up or glamorous, or natural. Be

Alice in Wonderland at the Artscience Museum in Singapore

This spring, the highly-anticipated Wonderland has arrived in Singapore! Few pieces of classic literature have withstood the challenge of time as much as Lewis Carroll’s eternally-youthful Alice in Wonderland, and even fewer became the inspiration for the various films, advertising, video game, and fashion variations – a testament to the

How Does Fastfood Affect Your Body?

Effect on the digestive and cardiovascular systemsThe great part of fast food, including beverages, is full of carbs with little to no fiber. When these foods are broken down by your digestive system, it will release glucose (sugar) into your bloodstream. As an outcome, your blood sugar boosts. Your pancreas

Common skin problems and amazing treatments

Skin concerns and conditions can be uncomfortable, however, the proper treatment with active herbal ingredients will produce wonderful results. To learn about the proper products for your skin concern and try our recommendations or learn the way to build a skincare routine. ACNE / BREAKOUT PRONEAcne can have an effect on

St. Thomas’ Charlotte Amalie Harbor

Boast clear, cobalt water and pearly sand beaches, St. Thomas’ Charlotte Amalie Harbor is bound to be one of the most gorgeous natural harbors in the world. With a couple of docks serving the 32-square-mile island, St. Thomas is supposed to be one of the most bustling cruise ports in