Move over, "Amazon coat." Women are loading up for sunny weather with this “insanely flattering” $14 bathing suit.

The Dixperfect Women's Retro One Piece can be ordered on Amazon and you can choose between 15 colors, varying from $14 to $27 — and it's turned into a hot topic on web-based social media.

Writer Laura Reilly discovered it on Instagram, and she's tenderly renamed it the "Amazon Swimsuit."

“Its high-cut leg, scooped back, and slightly cheeky fit gave off a ‘90s Baywatch vibe that felt classic and subtly sexy, without being as brash as a bikini or overly precious,” she described in

And she is not alone who's been captivated by this label. By now, more than 1000 five-star reviews are going nuts over this merchandise,  praising about its characteristics and usefulness.

“I have never felt so confident in a swimsuit in my life,” one happy customer wrote. “This is the perfect style and doesn’t show too (much) cleavage but has a sexy low back.”
“Great support, perfect cut!” another client said. “Got lots of compliments :)”
Solid and Striped

What makes the bathing suit more appealing is its low-cost sticker price. Looking from a different viewpoint, a bikini bottom from swimwear designer Solid and Striped could knock you back $89.

Dixperfect's style is additionally an appreciated remedy to the bizarre swimwear trends obstructing our social media feeds lately.

In January, internet users were stunned by the surge of high-cut bikinis overwhelming Instagram, which displayed a bottom with a very tight cut. Blogger Laura Belbin mocked the style, saying it's useless.

“The model (in the original photo) looks incredible, but it is the most unrealistic swimwear option for 90% of the population,” Belbin, 34, said to the BBC.