If you have a plan to travel to Brazil, Coatia, or Chile, this article will help you know about expenses and have a better plan to visit these countries.


Brazil is one of the most costly nations in South America. The visa entry cost for Americans is $160 USD, $65 USD for Canadians and $35 USD for Australians.

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Since the 2016 Summer Olympics, costs in Rio have soared. Activities in Rio, for example, the Christ the Redeemer statue and Sugarloaf mountain cost about $15-20 and visiting the Brazil side of Iguazu Falls costs roughly $15-20. Accommodation in hostel ranges from $10 during low season to as much as $50-70 in peak season.

Traveling by bus cost from $20 to $80, so flights from about $80 to $100 might be a more efficient use of travel time for long distances thinking that Brazil is such a massive nation. Meals have price from $10-20; if you want to be economical, you can choose the self-service restaurant where you can eat as much as you want for a fixed cost!


With Split receiving popularity and giving the Greek Islands a run for their money, Croatia has been called one of Eastern Europe's best-kept secret, however, through a great the news is getting out and Croatia's expenses are rising. Accommodation at famous tourist places, for example, Dubrovnik, Split, and Hvar go from $12 to $30 in dormitories and mid-range hotels.

Kings Landing
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Public and local transportation is $1-$2 USD every ticket. Traveling by bus or ship is the most popular approach to get around with bus tickets from Zadar to Dubrovnik costing around $26 and a ship from Split to Hvar beginning at $10 in offseason. A formal dinner costs from $10-$20.


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Chile has the strongest economy in Latin America. Therefore, Chile should be a costly country to visit. You can save money by camping through most of the nation, ordering the menu of the day (del dia) for lunch, and you can even hitchhike through a part of it pretty safely. Your budget can differ pretty wildly in Patagonia, specifically. You can spend an average of $53 every day more than 60 days there.

Expect spots like Easter Island to be super costly for food and activities, and for the center of the nation and Santiago to be mid-range with numerous accommodation levels and alternatives.