Cambodia is a great place to visit, however, it is also important to choose a good time to travel. Here are some suggestions about the seasons and weather in Cambodia for tourists who wish to make a trip.

Cambodian Climate

Cambodia has the simplest weather patterns in Southeast Asia, with two particular seasons which are both great for tourism activities. In various areas the weather can change, although it's relatively insignificant. Therefore, you can travel to Cambodia in any season.

Dry season: October to April/early May.

Due to the arrival of winds from the northeast, days are hot with winds blowing over the whole nation. The weather can be scorching by April, which creates the ideal opportunity for Angkor temple tours in the late evening.

This season is the peak tourism season in Cambodia.

Wet season: Early May to October.

Southwest monsoonal rains bring practically 75% of Cambodia's yearly rainfall during these months. Nevertheless, the temperature during days stays high, from 25 to 27 Celsius degrees. The temperature in May, June and July may reach the highest with infrequent short downpours. At the end of the year, the rains become increasingly constant and can be heavy, particularly in coastal areas and the countryside.

Siem Reap/Angkor Temples


The best time to visit Siem Reap is from November to Marchm with cooler and drier weather and humidity about 75%. Additionally, the green season from May to October is amazing with refreshing afternoon downpours to cool everything off.

Tonle Sap Lake

The best time to visit Tonle Sap Lake is between July and December. To be honest, you can visit the lake throughout the year, yet the water levels can influence where you can and can't go. July - December has the best water levels for visiting.


The best time to visit Battambang is the dry season. Additionally, it is not a good idea to visit during the rainy season, as many roads are unpaved and can cause travel issues due to downpours.