The most frequent fashion disaster that a gentlemen can experience with sneakers is when and if they're worn to a smart casual occasion or to work when a dress shoe is required. Sneakers are not meant for each and every event and ought to be worn exclusively for casual circumstances.

Here are some typical style principles to remember when you're matching your high tops:

  • Blend your look with relaxed and slim fitting pants to keep your outfit adjusted.
  • Keep them for casual and streetwear as it were.
  • Despite the fact that messy/worn high tops can look truly cool, for adaptability and fashion shrewdness, keep them as spotless (and well kept) as possible.
  • The way to nailing high top wear effectively is to never wear pants that cover the whole of the shoe.

Here are 4 of the most ideal methods to wear the eternally in-style high top sneaker.

1. With jeans

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Maybe the clearest and simplest approach to wear your casual footwear is with a pair of jeans. High tops are just another wonderful sneaker choice with the addition of extra ankle coverage. One of the main ways that high tops and jeans work is with a pair of custom fitted straight-slim jeans (ensure they're not very tight) that you can either fold into the sneaker or tightly roll to uncover the whole sneaker. It's rather hard to make them work at some other ways. If you pick a loose pair of jeans, which we emphatically prompt against, you will probably look extremely unkempt and it looks like you have no clue what you're doing. Make your ideal high-top sneaker and jean combo by blending it with a nicely fitted vintage tee, a lighter cardigan, and your pair of thin fitted jeans for that hippy undergrad look.

2. Tapered sweats

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Additionally, any pair of high top sneakers will combine well with tapered sweats to show only the right amount of street style, and they're perfect for the individuals who have never stepped onto a basketball court. Make sure to get yourself a semi-fitted pair of sweats that taper at the bottom or ones that you can add a roll to. Pair your high tops with gray sweats, a printed tee, and top it off with a camo field coat for included street attractiveness.

3. Fitted cargo pants or chinos

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There is something special about matching high top sneakers with a pair of fitted cargos or chinos that screams casual cool. You have a few choices on how to rock this look, however we strongly suggest you stick with a classic pair of white Chucks. Pair those white Chucks with a pair of black or gray chinos, a plain or printed fitted tee of your decision, and a leather moto coat. Concerning your fitted cargos, stick with khaki or olive, and ensure they're fitted also, however these look fantastic with a roll on the bottom. Pair them with a plain tee and a casual sports coat. A chambray or casual oxford shirt will look groovy with both pant pairings. Don't hesitate to change out your pants for every interesting matching.

4. Shorts

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You must be aware of your Converse and shorts matching in light of the fact that you may end up resembling a punk rock kid who's attempting to get way to the closest Warped Tour. Your best matching choice would be a neutral hue high top with either a casual chino short or a cotton-mix jersey short that hits simply above the knee cap. To keep the look shrewd, choose either a casual oxford in a neutral hue like blue or white, keeping some buttons at the top open, or a plain tee. Make an effort not to digress a lot from that blending to make it work in a clever mode.