Locate in Bana Hills, Da Nang city, Vietnam, the golden bridge has been wowing tourists from around the world ever since it opened in June 2018. This 500 foot-long pedestrian bridge was built to help connect a cable car station ( which also holds the Guiness Records for the highest and longest single-cable cable car system) to another part of the mountain theme park.

Before the bridge construction, the steep difference in height between the 2 location was an inconvenience for tourists but the bridge was also built to provide a scenic view and to serve as a tourist attraction.

It beautiful design includes two giant stone hands that were made to look as if they're supporting the golden structure. According to the company that designed the bridge, TA Landscape Architecture, the concept of the design revolves around God, humans and nature.

TA Landscape Architecture's website says that gods are often thought to be supernatural forces in human form, leading us to deduce that the gigantic hands are supposed to be godlike. It also look like the bridge is being pulled out of the mountain almost as if it were a gift from nature.

The for in the area is said to help promote that imagery as well. One could even say that this bridge looks like a path between the heaven and the earth. A tourist who was lucky enough to experience the bridge for himself likened waling across it to waling on clouds. And at 3,280 feet above sea level, it certainly does provide a breathtaking view from way up in the sky.

Another tourist was quoted saying: after visiting the bridge it makes me feel like humans can do anything