Sophia Carson breaks her silence on the tragic death of Cameron Boyce, plus there's a bizarre new social media challenge going around where people are making fun of his death!

The sudden death of 20 years old Cameron Boyce has left the world in shock. As reported, he passed away on July 6 due to an epileptic seizure. Fans and celebrities have been honoring the actor by sharing touching messages on social media. Duff Cameron's continuing to show her support to her fellow Descendants co-star, she posted these black and white photos of the two hugging each other and laughing. This is her second time speaking out as she previously posted an emotional video reading a letter to the lead actor fellow co-star.

Sophia Carson also shared her pain. She posted this picture of Cameron along with her thought:

To our angel,there are not enough words. There will never be enough words. I couldn't bring myself to do this because doing this makes it real. Letting you go is not something I know how to do. And I just can't fathom living in a world without you. I love you Cam. And I will love you. Forever.

Now Sophie on Cameron starred in the Disney franchise descendants for a total of 3 films with the last one debuted on August 2nd. As reported, the red-carpet premiere was set for July 22nd, but Disney decided to cancel the event. Opting to donate to the Thirst Project, a charity Cameron was deeply committed to, which aims to bringing safe drinking water worldwide.

Disney also said it would like to dedicate the telecast of Descendant 3 in Cameron's memory. Co-founder and CEO of the Thirst Project, Seth Maxwell, told TMZ more than 350 people have donated in Cameron's honor, totaling $15,000. Seth said donations are pouring in largely due to Adam Sandler's fundraising page, that he started on Facebook. Cameron's other co-stars like Skye Jackson and Nolan Gould have also posted on social media encouraging fans to donate to the thirst project in his name.

However, there's unfortunately a new challenge making fun of Cameron's deaths. Pop Buzz reports a male Instagram user posted a story with friends pretending to have an epileptic seizure and died. He captioned at Cameron Voice challenge. Other users have shared similar posts with the same hashtag in order to show them out of respect for Cameron and his family, but they're either acting out his death or making offensive memes about it for an attempt to go viral.

However, fans have been working together to report and stop these videos, most of them have actually been removed. In response, to the original user posted an apology video on Twitter. He said:

I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what I did. I don't know how I brought myself to do that. I wish I could apologize to Cameron myself. I'd love to personally apologize to his family

This type of challenge is extremely insensitive so if you see any of the memes or challenges on social media, we encourage you to report them.

May our thoughts and condolences are with Cameron's family and friends and co-stars.