The definition of true love is something that’s very unclear to most of us. However, the story we are about to tell will make you believe that true love does exist.

Recently, an owner of a Facebook account named Laura Hart Faganello shares a touching story of her and her husband, Brayden Faganello. Laura just got engage with her husband … again after two year of losing memory because of a brain injury. Her story has attracted more than 18.000 likes and 15.000 shares.

Before losing her memory, Laura and Brayden has kept in touch through the letters that the couple sent to each other for 8 months. According to The Star, the couple has met for the first time in Vitoria, Canada and got married in 2016.

Sadly, they can not enjoy their happy married life for long, a tragedy occured just 9 months after married. A big pole hit Laura head when she is preparing for a party. When waking up in the hospital, Laura became a 17-year-old girl and forgot everything about Brayden.

After the incident, Laura needed to learn how to speak and write again, but she still hopes that one day, she will get all her memories about Brayden back. For this reason, Laura decided that she and Brayden should start everything all over again. She did not want to give up this relationship because she could feel the love and patience from Brayden. Laura said:

“Braden became my best friend, my boyfriend and then my lover. I have gotten all of my memories and all the feeling about him back in the most wonderful way “

When Brayden ask her to marry him that week, she has agreed immediately. She said that she very treasured the relationship she had with Brayden and hoped for a brighter future.