Haven’t gotten over the death of Tinder Bell, her sister, Angela Wade, is worried about the fact that the instigator is still living outside the law.

The last time Tina Bell was seen was in 8.20 PM on the 2ndJune 1989. She was 18 at that time. After a year of looking for Bell, her family was devastated to find out that Tina’s skull and bones were reported to be found by two teenagers, who was on a hunt at that time. Things could not get any worse when the forensic agency reported that her body had been dumped into a chemical barrel in an attempt to make it corrode faster.

Tinder Bell

The police assumed that Tina was killed on the last couple of days she went missing. However, they could not find any evidence since they could not find any clues from interrogating the suspects.

Angela Wade (left) and her daughter (right)

Many years has gone by, Tina’s father passed away when he did not even have a chance to find out who the murderer was. Angela Wade, the victim’s younger sister, now always lives in fear because the person who should responsible for the death of her sister is still living out there and enjoying their lives. 6 months ago, Angela decided to write a letter asking for further investigation, but she has no hope:

The police said that they had received many murder cases for the last 6 months, but they would not forget Tina’s case. But I do not believe what they said. They seem to do not even care about the case, not to mention investigate it. Many times, I want to tell them that: “just forget it!” – Angela said.
Tinder Bell's father and her brother

A representative from the investigation team in North Yorkshire and Cleveland said that:

"The case occurred many years ago, it is understandable that the victim’s family doubt about the possibility of finding the criminal. However, we will do our best to investigate and looking for information from many different sources to give the victim’s family a satisfactory answer and make the murderer to receive the right punishment."