In the last parliament debate took part this August, the New Zealand speaker was seen to cradle an infant and feed him a bottle while participating in the discussion.

This spectacular video soon went viral, the netizen was surprised to see a baby was welcomed in the New Zealand's House of Representatives. Trevor Mallard, the New Zealand speaker, said that this baby belonged to his colleague. Talk about the presence of this little angle, he said:

“Normally the speaker's chair is only used by presiding officers but today a VIP took the chair with me,”

Tamati Coffey, lawmaker, said that he felt the encouragement from his colleagues. The kid can help to break the ice and he thought they should have a lot more kids around here to remind them the true reason why they are here.

New Zealand's own Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also made history by bringing her baby to her United Nations speech in New York. Ardern was just the second world leader to give birth while in office.