Recently, a new kind of nail polish remover has become super popular among the nail polish lover community. The miracle of this nail polish remover is that you don’t need to risk harming your skin in order to apply acetone to remove your nail polish. Just paint that special liquid on your nail polish, and surprisingly, your nail polish will explode and you can remove patches of it easily. However, up till now, the supplier still haven't provided the ingredients in making these exploding nail polish removers.

Remove your old nail polish without spending too much effort is what we all dream about, our wish did come true when a special kind of nail polish remover is introduced. However, this is not as safe as we may think it is.

To satisfy the curiosity from the fan, Simplynailogycal – Cristine – has purchased a bunch of the exploding nail polish removers for a little product test. However, things became more serious when the female Youtuber discover the truth behind this nail polish remover. Cristine cannot find the real ingredients list of it, she even emailed the supplier asking for the names of the ingredients. Shockingly, they declined to answer her question.

image from youtube

Upon searching on the internet, she finally found out a list of what have been use to make the nail polish remover, but it turned out to be false since the list was made up from such natural ingredients that she claimed was a lie, since the solution was very harmful to the skin and she guaranteed it could not be made from these natural ingredients.

The female Youtuber said that the smell of this solution was very familiar to her's. After a quick search on the Internet, the confirm that this is the smell of Aircraft – paint remover.

Later on, another Youtuber, JuantiJuly, decided to do a small test to know if it is safe or not. After applying a small amount of the nail polish remover on her skin, she noticed that part of her skin became red, which was alarming.

Not stopping there, she went on to apply that special liquid together with acetone and paint remover on many other objects such as a banana, price tags made form paper, a toy car and more. She discovered that the exploding nail polish remover did perform similarly as the car paint remover. It’s just a little weaker.

So, is this popular exploding nail polish remover safe or not? It’s up to you to decide, but it's definitely a big NO from us. Unclear ingredient, harmful solution, toxic smell, etc. make us want to stick with using acetone for now.