A dedicated housewife taking care of her two children and her husband who was working two jobs. This seemed like a happy and normal family. However, no one knew what happened behind closed doors. In a separate room, little Emani was left starving.

How could this tragic story start?

Tiffany got married to Eman and the wife was soon expected to two beautiful children of their own. Sadly, the more she treasured her biological kids, the more she wanted to get rid of that 10-year-old daughter of Eman. Tiffany was Emani’s stepmother, and as what the story was told, the wife did not love that girl, she tried to abandon her instead.

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Since the separation of Eman and his ex-wife, Emani’s mother tried to get custody of her daughter many times. However, she had battle with addiction and failed, as a result, Emani stayed with her Father – Eman.

The 10-year-old didn’t know her life was about to come to an end, soon.

What had happened?

Emani was a sweet, friendly girl but in Tiffany’s mind, that daughter – who was not her biological kid – should not be in the family. Things started with Tiffany simply did not take care of this daughter as well as her biologicals ones, but it started to get worse day by day. In 2010, when Emani was ill, her teachers tried to report some concerning issue to social services and Tiffany was pleaded guilty to hitting her stepdaughter with a belt. She tried to defend herself by claiming it only happened 2 or 3 times despite the prolonged injuries found on Emani’s body.

Tiffany was sentenced to 5 years of probation and she blamed all of this on the black sheep of the family. The stepmother pulled Emani out of school and kept her in the house to make sure things like this would never happen again.

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As predicted, Emani was abused more and more by her stepmother which her biological father knew clearly.

After two years of torture, Emani decided to run away from her family at least two times. She would sleep in the bushes. When she was found, Emani tried to reach for help by telling the truth but there was no evidence. Tiffany denied it all and the little girl was accused of making up stories.

After what had happened, Emani was left for dead in her room. Being starved, and having nothing to eat, the little girl couldn’t even lift her hand up or moved her body. She was laying there, in her own waste while her siblings were taken care care of by Tiffany and her father. What must be, must be, the 10-year-old girl could not survive and passed away in her bedroom.

On the 2nd November 2013, Eman called 911 and confessed to the police that his daughter was dead.

The truth was exposed, and her body did not remain intact

Before calling the police, Eman and Tiffany had tried to deprave his biological daughter by cremating her body. In order to conduct the plan, he bought a steel can, some bin bags, charcoal and lighter fluid. Their plan was to burn the body in that small trash can.

On the 1st November, they drove the body of a little girl to a rural area and did what they needed to do. Eman stuffed his daughter in the trash bin, however, Emani’s body was too big to fit not that steel can, Eman decided to break her bones and stuff her into the can.

Under the witness of the two children, they burned Emina’s body, but after 5 minutes of observation, Eman realized the fire wouldn’t burn her remain. They changed the plan and took her body home. The day after, feeling guilty of what he had done, Eman call the authorities what had happened.

Court's verdict

In the end, Eman was pleaded guilty to felony murder and received life-sentence in 2015.

Tiffany, in the order hand, acted in her own defence but didn’t testify. During the course she showed no emotion as the jury sentence her to death, since she believed God will be with her and help her through.