The secret inside the 90 tons Egypt tombs always fascinates people, although these secrets have been revealed for a long time. However, there is one question that up to now, no archeologists can answer, that is how the ancient people can do the impossible.

The discovery is once again being mentioned, this time, Bettany Hughes, the host of a TV program called “Egypt’s great treasure with Bettany Hughes” – Channel 5.

According to Bettany, the tomb’s name is Saqquara has been here since 1350 B.C, under the rule of Amenhotep III, the 9thPharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt.

The tomb is just like an underground world of the death. There are thousands to millions of corpses. The bodies of human are not the only things that are here. There are also countless corpses of dead animals. There are up to 8 million dogs, 4 million of Ibis birds and thousands of others animal such as cats, crocodiles, etc.

However, the things that make the French archeologist Auguste Marriette curious when discovering Saqqara in 1850 was 24 coffin that weigh 90 tons.

Inside each coffin was a giant bull. The researchers realized that this whole enormous tomb is the place to bury the big precious bulls of the ancient Egyptians. The reason was because bulls were an important part of the ancient Egyptian culture.

The Egyptian worships these creatures because they think bulls are the animals that carry the unrivalled power of the gods.

Each of the bull was very carefully taken care of. They got their special meal every day and lived with many other females of their kind. When they died, they are buried like a true Pharaoh. Basically, these bulls have the life of a royalty.

Up to now, no one know how the ancient Egyptians move these 24 heavy stone coffins to the tomb. Not giving up yet, the archeologists will continue to discover Saqqara so that they can understand more thoroughly about the history of the ancient Egypt.