Totino's some time in the past built up itself as the official snack of middle school hang-outs and 4/20 social events alike. Be that as it may, contrary to what many preteens and Umphrey's McGee aficionados may let you know, they didn't simply drop out of the sky like manna. The Totino's story started in Minneapolis more than 60 years back with a youthful couple holding an incredible formula and a huge amount of moxie. They made corporate history, inspired fantastically odd tributes, and brought gooey delight wherever they went.

Everything began at a pizza parlor in Minneapolis

Photo by Nicole Geri / Unsplash

Jim and Rose (the woman above) Totino set the Minny food scene on fire when they opened a pizza kitchen in 1951. Despite the fact that it was initially considered as a little takeout spot, business was so good that the couple extended it into a semi-formal café serving up to 500 pies every day. The pizza was altogether based off Rose's Mother's formula, which is ideally now cherished in Minneapolis' city lobby.

Rose had to make her loan officer a pizza to close the deal

Supposedly, when Rose was applying for a $1,500 loan for her new pizza business, she really needed to make a pie for the loan officer, since he had no clue what this was. Either the '50s were an a lot darker time than we thought, or that fella realized how to get free slices.

She turned into the first female corporate VP in Pillsbury history

When the parlor was a hit, things moved fast for the Totinos. They opened a frozen-pizza plant in 1962 to help their sprouting retail chains, eventually, the whole thing was offered to Pillsbury in 1975. Rose was such an advantage for the enterprise's frozen-pizza researchers (real job, apparently) that she was made corporate VP. Rose was the first lady to ever hold that title at the organization, proving that even glass ceilings can't keep a pizza genius down.