Life saying: You can never have excessively bacon. In any case, man, cooking it is a tremendous wreckage. That is the reason we were eager to catch wind of a method that totally disposes of bacon splashes and makes impeccably fresh cuts.

The trap: Water. That's right. Pour simply enough water over your cuts in the skillet so they're submerged. At that point, wrench the warmth up to high. At the point when the water bubbles, turn the warmth down to medium. The H20 will totally vanish, abandoning flawlessly fresh yet succulent—not weak—results. What's more, a way cleaner stove.

For what reason does it work, however? Stewing water keeps the underlying cooking temperature low, so the meat keeps its delicacy. When the water dissipates, the greater part of the fat has rendered—so you're more averse to consume the bacon and the oil won't splash. #Science.

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