Being a star and admired by thousands of fans is what we all dream about, that is the bright sight of the story. Sadly, the entertainment industry has a dark side, too. Some stars you see appears on TV shows may have been through a lot to get to the spot they want. Shirley Temple was not an exception.

At the point when Temple Was 17, Producer David O. Selznick Tried To Assault Her

Anita Colby was masterful executive of maker David O. Selznick of Gone with the Wind fame. She warned Temple to be cautious in the event that she "discovered him [Selznick] in leggings." Temple writes in her diary Child Star that this gave her "the feeling that easygoing sex could be a state of work" with Selznick.

Without a doubt, it appears it was, as confirm by an experience Temple had with him when she was 17:

"Coming around my side of the desk, he reached and took my hand in his. Glancing down, I saw the telltale stocking feet. Pulling free, I turned for the door, but even more quickly he reached back over the edge of his desk and flicked a switch I had learned from Colby was a remote door-locking device. I was trapped. Like the cartoon of wolf and piglet, once again we circled and reversed directions around his furniture. Blessed with the agility of a young dancer and confronted by an amorous but overweight producer, I had little difficulty avoiding passionate clumsiness."

Sanctuary Constantly Fought Off Sexual Predators

For the sake of her short film career, Temple was compelled to fight off sexual stalkers, as she was normally grabbed, threatened, and terrorized by men. After she reprimanded one Hollywood producer for his advances, he reacted:

“Look, I’m going to be a big executive. We’re going to have to get along... What I had in mind was just a workplace formality.”
"It might be in your agreement, however not mine," - she answered.

"Sex resembles a glass of water," the man she just considered as "Wizard" proceeded. "You get thirsty, you drink. You need sex, you have it."

At that point there was the cherished comedian George Jessel, who once welcomed her to his office to "discuss a key role" in his up and coming film:

"We were standing a pace separated, eyeball to eyeball. In one quick development he opened his pants and, with an unexpected reach, circled me with one arm… I could feel his other hand grabbing to lift my shirt. Hard on the heels of the Wizard, but little could I do but thrust my right knee upward into his groin... Pain, disgust, and hate flickered across his face, but I felt no mercy. More and more the adult movie business seemed populated with a bunch of copulating tomcats."