She was forced to acted in many inappropriate films

When Shirley Temple Black appeared in 1932's War Babies - her initial attributable role - she was only 3 years old. The film was one amongst the Baby Burlesks, a series of eight shorts that satirized major motion pictures, film stars, celebrities, and current events. In these usually sexually suggestive one-reelers, kids mimic adults. They dress in adult costumes, however wear diapers fastened with big safety pins. For that specific short, Temple acted as a sex worker named Charmaine.

Unfortunately, it appears that the creators of the Baby Burlesks shared Temple's "time is money" perspective. The young star was once forced to work the day when she underwent an operation to lance her eardrum, and on another occasion was made to dance on a badly wounded foot.

In her biography, Temple remembers the film series as "a distrustful exploitation of our childish innocence." If any of the 2 dozen youngsters in Baby Burlesks misbehaved, they were locked in a windowless sound booth dubbed the “punishment box,” where they’d be forced to take a seat on a block of ice. Temple was sent to the box many times.

MGM’s studio producer exposed his private part in front of her

By 1940, Temple's best films with 20th Century Fox were behind her. when 2 box-office flops, Fox dropped her contract.

That same year, and at the tender age of twelve, she signed with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. At the time, MGM reportedly ran their kid stars into the bottom by forcing them to shoot film after film therefore the studio was able to exploit their young talent. Tragically, this wasn't the only way in which key MGM workers exploited the young star.

Temple wrote in her biography that on her first visit to MGM, she met one among the studio’s producers, Arthur Freed. throughout a personal meeting, Freed unzipped his trousers and exposed himself to her, saying, “I have one thing made only for you.” She responded by giggling nervously, and he threw her out of his office. Freed went on to produce films like Annie Get Your Gun (1950) and Singin' in the Rain (1953).