There are so many different kinds of food around the world that you will never be able to taste all of it, or even hear about it. Some is so delicious, some will make you think again about the definition of food. Here are 4 food that will challenge you to eat them.

Sannakji from South Korea

A South Korean delicacy, this dish of live octopus is consumed either whole or in pieces rely on the scale of the specimen. Served raw and frequently only with a splash of sesame oil, it’s so fresh that the tentacles are still moving. Suckers from the octopus will attach themselves within the throat of the consumer causing choking or perhaps death, that makes eating this mollusk a frightening proposition. Although the actual octopus is gently seasoned, the live animal wrapping itself around the diners face as they struggle to swallow it down is unquestionably an experience to remember.

Escamoles from Mexico

It may appear as if a grain salad, however this dish is actually made of ant larvae. Usually referred to as insect caviar, escamoles are thought of a delicacy in Mexican culinary art and consumption dates back to the Aztecs. Eggs are harvested from the root systems of the maguey and agave plants, and the little larvae will be found in tacos, omelettes or simply on their own. Astonishingly pleasant, these very little larvae are crisped up with butter or fried and have a slightly nutty taste.

Fried Brain Sandwiches from the U.S.A

Hamburgers, french fries and fried-brain sandwiches? In some areas of the USA, notably within the Ohio river valley, this curious sandwich continues to be found on the menu. Made of sliced calves or pig brains that are heavily battered and deep-fried, this dish was brought over by immigrants from Germany and Holland who were keen on eliminating any kind of waste. Heavy on the calories, this sandwich is often served with mustard and pickled onions. Most of the flavour within the sandwich comes from the batter, with the brains having a light taste and custardy texture.

Casu Marzu from Italy

Creamy and soft, this sheep’s milk cheese sounds appealing at first but the fact that it contains thousands of live maggots is certain to put off all but the most fearless eaters. This Sardinian cheese is created by permitting flies to lay eggs on the surface of Pecorino cheese that has had the top cut off to permit for easy access. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae eat through the cheese breaking down the fats and softening the typically hard middle. Strong and rich, the aftertaste of this pungent cheese lasts for hours.