American food is everywhere today, and it’s difficult to travel anywhere while not bumping into a Burger King or a McDonald’s -  though the menus are pretty different across the globe. However, Native American could be a whole new kettle of fish. Counting on local crops to make their dishes, one among the staples of Native American cuisine is that the hopi piki bread, that may be a scroll-like mixture of blue corn and juniper tree ashes. It’s pretty tasty, too!


Thanks to Africa’s excellent placement in between America, Europe and Asia, Ugandan cuisine has managed to incorporate cooking styles and practices of all of their neighbours, creating some pretty distinctive dishes. Whereas most tribes have their own specific dishes, deep-fried grasshoppers are a delicacy across the country.


Scandinavian food normally is pretty distinctive. From the smorgasbord breakfasts that provide everything from meatballs to potatoes and smoke-dried fish, to their fascination with fermenting EVERYTHING. When the Icelandic folks can smoke, pickle or preserve their food in any method, they'll – no matter whether it’s a vegetable, or their fermented sleeper shark, known as hakarl.


Modern Hawaiian chefs have return on leaps and bounds since original natives roamed the lands, however that doesn’t mean they’ve left their culture behind them. Hawaiian cuisine consists of local fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, and beans. However, a favourite of the modern Hawaiian folks is the Spam musubi, that is served with a block of rice, topped with a slice of Spam, and wrapped in a piece of nori.


Scotland is overrun with long-standing traditions once it involves their culture and culinary art. With large amounts of game in their larders, Scottish folks serve up huge parts of the root vegetables, neeps and tatties, with their pièce de résistance, haggis. This savoury pudding is made of the heart, liver and lungs of a sheep, all contained inside its stomach, and you'll find it across the country!