It is a daring and infrequently ostentatious choice, however historical dressing may be quite simply a novelty means of self-expression. As with any clothes, they're the simplest way of presenting ourselves to the society. And for a few, which means wearing top hats, breeches, doublets, or plastic jewelry.

Zack MacLeod Pinsent, 25, is inspired by the Regency period.

These are everyday outfits of the early nineteenth century. He never leaves the house if he doesn't put on a hat, and he tends to walk around with a cane, too. Plenty of what he wears at the moment is Regency vogue.

He has been dressing alternatively since he was fourteen as trendy fashion has never appealed to him. He wished to look back to a time when things were of a better quality and wear outfits that will help him stand out. Zack started wearing late-Victorian and Edwardian stuff bought in vintage retailers in Brighton and it made him genuinely happy. He got into the Regency look because he used to be invited to a Regency ball in London and had nothing to wear. He attempted to create something of himself, however realized it was terrible since he couldn’t find the proper fabrics, therefore he made a decision to analyze the history and develop him very own skills.

The Regency period was the last hurrah of men’s fun with fashion, when folks can be loud with color and exuberant. The jackets, cravats, trousers — all of it's simply fantastic to wear. It’s comfortable, too, and since he makes it all himself, it makes him proud to have it on. It’s also an excellent ice-breaker.

His clothes take time and it’s all about learning to be slow, instead of shopping for into quick fashion, that is unethical so removed from the production process:

You're who you are and you've got to get on with it

He feels pretty much at home in what he wears and the way he wears it.

He hasn’t really had any backlash — folks are very inquisitive and polite to him:

I don’t see jeans in my future. If something, I see something a lot more extreme - Zack said