After a long time in a relationship, it's finally time to meet her parents? You know clearly creating a good first impression is significantly important at the moment, and now you feel super nervous. Luckily, the correct outfit can get you off on the correct foot before you even open your mouth.

So what to wear? Not much different from a job interview, or any other 'first impression' type situation, you need your outfit to be, at its essence, a blank foundation. A foundation that, in this case, is a starting point on which your girlfriend’s parents can build their opinion about you.

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Immediately, you would prefer not to resemble a lazy pig, but you also don't want her parents to judge you just because of what you wear, yet rather what you have to say and how you treat their kid. All your outfit should state about you is "aware, respectable and successful".

Presently, that sounds entirely straightforward, however,it will make you confused with endless options. Furthermore, Our advice: know your audience. You should use what you know about your audience to guide you from there.

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Is the family a well off, moderate group? Is it true that you are meeting them at their Cape Cod estate for canapés and tea? All things considered, possibly keep it classy in trousers, a coat and an casual shirt with loafers. Rock the trousers from that essential navy suit you’ve got in the closet and gussy it up with a subtly patterned blazer – but keep your shirt solid, and everything in neutral tones. "Blank slate" - don't forget this word.

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Are your life partner and her family a normal, blue-collar family? Don't be too stand out, maybe. Go with some dull pants, an OCBD and a jacket – once more, dipping into the separates from your essential navy suit makes this considerably simpler.

At last, there is no a specific perfect outfit, but there are some guidance that you can follow. Hope you will do well, and don't mess everything up, buddy.