The summer is coming, but this depends on what part of the world you live on. The summer is always somewhere on this planet, whatever month it is. What also will never go away are certain styles of glasses to protect your eyes from the sun. These classic sunglasses styles withstood the test of time and if you want to fit in with this years' trend for every year to come, pick one. Or all, for diversity's sake.


Perhaps this style is the most sold in the world today. Dating back to the 50's, worn by presidents and pop-icons, Wayfarers had its up and downs through the decades. Its design has also changed since its creation. But what will never change is the mark it puts on shade-land for a long time to come.


Developed in 1936 for the pilots complaining about the sun in their eyes, this style still can be seen on the streets today. With so many sunglasses around, what makes an Aviator an Aviator? The teardrop shaped lens are vonvexed, and cover the eyes with an area 2 to 3 times the size of the eye socket. Thin metal frames with a double or triple bridge and temple tips curving behind the ears.

Cat Eye Glasses

Once known as “Harlequin glasses", shaped like cats' eyes, hot in the 50's and 60's among women, with a big dip between 1970 and 2000, this style has made a comeback in sunglass land, thanks mainly to influencers like Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner and stars like Rihanna.

Round Styles

Made cool by John Lennon in the 60's, the round glasses became more colorful in todays' fashion. They also seem to be a little bigger. Note that not all face types are a match for this style. Rectangular and oval type face are compatible with round glasses.

Rectangle Shaped

Popular in the 60', this shape is perfect for people with round faces. Combined with colored rims, this clearly makes a statement.

So with these shades on, you can chase the summer, wherever on earth that may be.