Because nude nail polish could be a lot less forgiving than a dark red or dark berry, you have ready for the nail expertly to get amazing results. “With nude you usually wish the nail bed to be clean,” says Saulsbery. “You wish every piece of skin you may get to come off before you apply the polish as a result of with nude, anything can show up—even a piece of lint.”

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First, use a cuticle chemical like Qtica Intense Cuticle Repair Balm ($18). Then gently push back the skin around the base of the nail. Rather than cutting your cuticles, Saulsbery recommends using a buffing block to get rid of the excess skin. Then form the tip of the nail by brushing a file from corner to the middle. check that to urge beneath the free nail still to get eliminate any excess dirt under the free edge, which might show up through sheer nude formulas.

Before applying a basecoat you would like to dehydrate the nail with polish remover and rubbing alcohol to get eliminate any oil. This helps the manicure last longer. Saulsbery uses the Orly Top2Bottom ($10) as a base and overcoat.

Getting her nails painted
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“With the nude, you would like to make certain that the bottom is totally dry before you apply the color since nude can drag and it’ll be streaky,” she says. “Then, you find yourself applying coat after coat attempting to darken it when all you have to try to do is just wait a second for the bottom to dry.”

Saulsbery additionally uses a special technique to use polish:

Initially, move the brush across the bottom of the nail from aspect to side to even out the colour close to the cuticle. Then pull the colour down from base to tip in 3 strokes. That approach you get full coverage without any spots or streaks.