If you are like me who loves a nice skin and minimal makeup, here are some tips and tricks to for you to look great without any makeup at all.

Here are some things I do to get a healthy, rejuvenated skin.

To begin, place a hot towel over the face to refresh and open the pores and wipe clean. After that use a cleanser suitable for your skin. A mild, creamy cleanser to restore the oils. Try to find out which one is appropriate because sometimes it tends to dry out the skin. Remove it with the hot towel and dab dry your face.

Next, exfoliation is cornerstone for the rest of your skincare products to be efficient. Scrub you face for about 1 minute and wipe clean with a warm towel. Try to exfoliate one or two times a week.

A hydration mask keeps moisture in your skin. I use a gel cream mask for my face. A handy tool is a face-mask brush. Put it on for about 10 minutes. I love to feel the cool hydrating reaction on my face.

To remove the mask I use a light, soothing, watery solution which is an extra step I take to keep my skin hydrated and balanced. My face is radiating at this moment.

Feed you skin with anti-aging serum to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenation. There are products on the market that don't cost you an arm and a leg. Apply and feel your face becoming smoother.

To keep your skin hydrated through the day without makeup, apply a cream that is super moisturizing. Carry it along with you to stay fresh and hydrated.

An optional step is a nourishing eye cream. Very convenient to mask dark circles around your eyes after a night of partying. Choose one which matches your skin tone.

To keep your eyelashes healthy, use a lash serum. But you need to have patience with this stuff. Eyelashes need time to grow so start early (like now?) I see no reason to use it on my brows either. For a diy formula, mix a teaspoon of caster oil and half a teaspoon of coconut oil and apply it on brows and lashes with a new spoolie.

Research has shown white teeth makes you more attractive, so get those whitening strip and let your teeth give you that instant attraction. There are other methods, like brushing your teeth with baking soda but unless you understand the consequences, it's not advisable to use it.


Color your lips naturally. Mash any kind of berries to create the color you want. Extract the juice and apply on your lips. (Don't be tempted to lick it off.) Let it dry for natural stained lips. For a more glossy look, add few drops of olive oil or Vaseline.