In the previous news, we have known why green coffee is better than regular coffee. This time, we will discuss about ways to use green coffee to lose weight.

Green coffee beans have great ingredients for weight loss.

  • High orac value: This is an antioxidant scale. The higher this value, the more antioxidants there are, which lead green coffee limits the effects of free radicals operating in the body.
  • Reducing appetite: Green coffee beans contain B vitamins that helps to reduce cravings for sweet, lowers blood glucose and lowers insulin levels, which promotes rapid weight loss.
  • Reducing grease, supporting weight loss: Green coffee helps your body self - generate heat and increasing metabolism, promoting the ability to burn fat and control calories. At the same time, this coffee contains large amounts of kelp maintaining quantity of nutrients in your body. That way you will have enough power needed to work all day. In addition, caffeine converts fatty acids in blood into energy easily so that the body can quickly excrete fat out.
  • Chlorogenic Acid: This acid contributes to the regulation of blood glucose and slows down the aging process of the skin
  • Body detox: Green coffee contains substances that help the body eliminate toxins from the liver, bad cholesterol, natural scum. When all functions in the body are purified, they will work better to help improve metabolism and improve your health. In addition, when the body cleans cholesterol, it can prevent cardiovascular consequences when you get old.

How to drink coffee helps to lose weight fast?

30 minutes before a meal, drinking 1 cup of unsweetened coffee and a cup of black coffee after dinner will help you reduce excess fat, burn the amount of fat stored in the body faster. Drinking hot coffee will help you burn calories faster by causing body heat to rise.

Using coffee grounds to massage will make the skin smooth and firm. Rubbing coffee grounds on areas or fat accumulation such as calves, abdomen, back, hips ... will have an effective fat breakdown effect.

After 30-40 minutes of coffee drinking, the level of fatty acids in the blood will increase, this time is suitable for heavy exercise. Heavy exercise will turn this fatty acid into heat, which helps to burn fat. For example: take a 10-15 minute brisk walk, do not take the elevator but take the stairs to go to the office or go home, do cardio,...

Losing weight is a long-term process, rather than a sprint race and green coffee is just a supporter. Therefore, you need to be very persistent and combine many factors at the same time such as changing the daily diet more suitable, exercise regimen, etc.