The Amalfi Coast is terribly lively and beautiful with villages crawling from the Mediterranean Sea up mountains in southwestern Italy. The view is unbelievably beautiful and inspirational for authors, artists and moviemakers, and anyone else. The setting is so extremely amazing at National Geographic road!

The drive along the Amalfi Coast towns can be made in around two hours, with a couple of stops, visitors only drive slowly to enjoy natural views. Set aside an effort to stop and smell the lemon blooms, visit an old church, purchase the beautiful pottery, which will make you relax and love life more.


Photo by Khachik Simonian / Unsplash

Positano was a significant city in the Middle Ages, yet over the next hundreds of years declined as a lot of residents immigrated to North America. By the early twentieth century, it was only a poor fishing town, yet its fortunes changed when tourists found this wonderful town that locates on a hillside facing the ocean.

A worthy view for visitors is Santa Maria Asunta, a church that highlights an arch made of majolica tiles and a dark Madonna. Positano's dazzling magnificence is an inspiration for artists, including Mick Jagger and Keith Richards who stated "Midnight Rambler" here. Positano was likewise remarked in the 1994 film, Only You.

2. Amalfi

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Amalfi was a significant trading center from the mid-ninth to the thirteenth century. It was the capital of the Duchy of Amalfi. Today, it is a mainstream goal for vacationers looking for dazzling excellence set in the midst of memorable appeal. Amalfi is known for its extraordinary medieval architectures, including the eleventh-century Cathedral of Sant' Andrea, as well for the four huge artistic creations and the statue of St. Andrew that was etched by Michelangelo.

Nowadays, the Arab-style Chiostro del Paradisio is an open-air historical museum, however, it was also the cemetery where Amalfi was buried. Since Amalfi was once known for papermaking, a visit to the Museum of Handmade Paper is a place cannot miss.

3. Ravello

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Ravello was once a protected harbor from barbarian invaders, at that point, it turned into a significant trading center. Today, this enchanting city with its cobblestone lanes is a magnet for tourists who love beautiful landscapes and amazing views.

The great writer Richard Wagner found inspiration here, therefore, the town celebrates the Ravello Festival each late spring to memory him. Top attractions consist of the Villa Cimbrone with its fantastic gardens and bust-filled Terrace of Infinity, and the Duomo de Ravello esteemed a must-see by Ravello visitors due to the natural beauty.

4. Praiano

Romance along the Amalfi Coast
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Praiano was a summer tourist destination as early as the tenth century when it was the summer home for the noble from the Duchy of Amalfi. Situated among Amalfi and Positano, the town is laid on a side of the cliff.

Praiano is a decent place to unwind with a glass of wine at an open-air café or taking a class in Italian cooking. It has a few houses of worship worth visiting, including the Chiesa di San Giovanni, and the Chiesa SS Annunziata, which is situated on a shoreline; and the Chiesa S Maria ad  Castra, with its peaceful view.