America's 50th state, Hawaii is one of the eight islands situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Being famous for the white-sand beaches and hula moving, Hawaii offers a wide range of attractions and cultural highlights. Also, you can see warships from World War II or kick back on the notable white shores of Waikiki Beach. On the Big Island, you can enjoy black or even green sand beaches. The entire trip to Hawaii involves at least two islands or even more. Check out this guide, and you can choose some of the best places to visit in Hawaii.

5. Oahu's North Shore

Even though the island of Oahu is the most visited of the Hawaiian Islands, most of the visitor's heads straight for the capital city of Honolulu.

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The island's North Shore has not many visitors, and it offers some fabulous beaches. If you like surfing, the island’s North Shore with winter waves is the best place for you. Head to Banzai Pipeline to watch world-class surfers and even championship matches.

4. Hapuna Beach

The Big Island of Hawaii has many gorgeous beaches, but Hapuna Beach is the best of them. With a short driving from famous hotels like Kona and Waikoloa, you can go to the beach, which is part of the state park, located on the Kohala Coase.

Hapuna Beach has a long stretch of fine, white sand, and you can easily find a seat away from other beachgoers. Hapuna is one of the best choices for families because you can spend a beach day by swimming, playing games or bodyboarding. Moreover, you can even try scuba diving and see beautiful coral reefs on the other side of the beach.

3. Na Pali Coast

Na Pali Coast is one of the best places to travel, and it is on the island of Kauai, also well-known as the Garden Isle. Besides the coast, vertical cliffs covered in lush, green vegetation drop off rapidly, meeting the sands of private, separated beaches.

The landscape is like nowhere else on the planet. A lot of visitors recognize the landscape because the Na Pali Coast used to be a location for filming Jurassic Park and several other movies. You can even try climbing the cliff when you head for the trails in the Na Pali Coast State Park. If you want to challenge yourself with adventure, the locals can show you how to jump safely from some cliffs into the water below.

2. Waimea Canyon

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Waimea Canyon is far a few miles inland from the Na Pali Coast of Kauai. It is well-known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and one of the best places to visit in Hawaii. The staggering size draws definite parallels to the Grand Canyon, however, Waimea canyon is also even more stunning thanks to lots of greenery among the desert-like landscapes. The morning is the best time to explore the canyon with a hike through Koke's State Park since the cloud often rolls in the afternoon. The brave traveler can even try camping, which allows you to be there for the glorious sunrise in the morning.


Without visiting Honolulu, the trip to Hawaii would not be everlasting. At this time, this is the biggest city in the island chain, the state capital, and a bustling, interesting place to travel. Besides, Waikiki Beach in Honolulu is a string of several connected beaches, and it includes Duke Kahanamoku Beach is a great choice for tourists and likewise local surfers. If you want to see the beautiful view in Honolulu, climb up to the top of the Diamond Head Crater, which directs Waikiki. Remember to visit Pearl Harbor, where the USS Arizona Memorial is the heartbreaking centerpiece.