The Sleepless City of Tang, a major destination in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, attracts tourists with its colorful lighting on ancient-style architecture at night.

The trend of a recent on the Chinese website drama organized in the Tang Dynasty has converted into a huge of guests to Xi'an, Xu Lin reports.

The hit thriller series, The Longest Day in Chang'an, takes watchers to the prime of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Also, since its debut on June 27, it has been making a new prime for Xi'an's movement division and enthusiasm for its past.

‌In the online movies and dramas, a death-row prisoner, played by entertainer Lei Jiayin, acknowledges a mission from an administration official, played by vocalist on-screen character Yi Yangqianxi, during Lantern Festival. The denounced criminal must spare the national capital, Chang'an, from a mystery adversary assault within 24 hours. Chang'an is today Shaanxi's common place capital, Xi'an.

The show's extraordinary fame has strengthened enthusiasm for movement to Xi'an. It shows a fresh model for advertising goals in the mobile-internet epoch.

Major online travel office Ctrip says searches for flights to the city expanded 130 percent from July 2 to 8 contrasted and the earlier week.

"Xi'an" looks on Chinese travel site Mafengwo expanded 22 percent week-on-week from the series's presentation on June 27.