Summer may be winding down, however, that doesn't mean you can't get in on the best travel trends of the season. Nowadays we talked to some travel advantages to reveal the best hacks, tips, and ideas that are defining travel in Summer 2019. Let them inspire your next warm-weather trip.


If a day at the pool with friends and a cocktail sounds like where you'd like to be, try “pooling.” An ingenious staycation (or vacation) plan, pooling works by booking a hotel room with a group of friends and splitting the price so that everybody can get pleasure from the pool together.

Summer has come
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Mel Dohmen, Senior Travel brand Manager said that hotel pools had a lot of perks that you just could not find at a public pool, as well as food and beverage service. For the cost of one night at a hotel, it could be worth it to hang out with friends at the adults-only pool or with a drink in-hand.

If you’d wish to explore pooling beyond your local areas, Dohmen suggests Las Vegas, Miami, and Palm Springs for their pool and party scenes.

"Hood Hopping"

Winter Wanderer
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Neighborhoods provide different ways to commune with a city, everyone with their quirks, perks, and vibes. On a city visit, why take only 1 side in? That's the thinking behind “hood hopping,” or calling it off a visit into multiple stays in different neighborhoods of the same city. HotelTonight, the online travel app that enables users to book discounted hotels for last-minute bookings, sees this trend clearly in their information.

CEO Sam Shank notes that they realize that once their bookers decide to extend their keep, 60 percent of the time it's at a different hotel but in the same city as their original stay.

And, why not? New neighborhoods not solely provides a different flavor of a city but provide a new slate of various experiences, sometimes even giving the feeling of traveling to an entirely new destination, at a fraction of the travel time.

Meet-ups With Friends

Traveling with friends can be nice — except for the planning part. Lining up busy schedules, looking forward to others to commit and deciding where to go by committee is better left for somebody else. Why not book a solo trip — on your terms — and invite your crew along for them to decide?

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One of our readers did just that for an upcoming birthday weekend and explained that he had been reluctant to invite friends since he had not thought people would want to commit to the time or cash. He had been surprised — no, honored — at how many people from across my spectrum of friends had been willing to come together to celebrate a milestone event epically.


Taking some shorter, more frequent journeys — as opposed to one big, grand vacation  is on the rise. Doing so relieves a number of the planning and organizing required for longer hauls, as well as the problem of missing long periods of work or family time. Moreover, stringing several micro-trips together supports you always have something to look forward to.