The world is a big place, with so many things to see and explore. Are you adventurous and want to broaden your vision? Here are some tips to make your travels even more interesting.

Plan, but not too much

Get to know some more about the place you're going to. Plan one or two activities that you want to do, but be flexible. You never know what lays around the corner.

Learn a few foreign words

Being able to speak some basic words can do wonders for your travel experience. Learning simple introductory phrases in the local language are helpful for first contact. When all else fails, you can always communicate with hand signals, pictures on your phone, or Google translate.

Use common sense

Most people in foreign countries are warm, honest, and kind, but keep in mind that there are some folks that are not. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. With common sense you can avoid shady situations.

Be an early bird

To avoid the masses and have the best, unobstructed views while visiting the sights, wake up before sunrise and claim the premium spot for yourself. This is also the time to find honest, hardworking locals to talk to.

Befriend some locals

Is there a better way to know the culture than from a local source? A fast way to start a conversation is to ask for directions. Making eye contact and putting a smile on your face helps too.

Get travel insurance

You can be as careful as can be, but misfortunes still happen. When they do happen, you'll be happy you bought insurance so that you won't be stuck which additional costs. This is something you should buy and hopefully never use.

Separate your cash

Avoid putting your valuables in one spot. Spread them out and hide some cash for emergencies.

Pack lightly

Most things you want to bring along will end up going untouched. Why carry extra weight while on the road? If you are not certain you'll need something, you probably won't. Plus, you might be able to buy it at your destination, should you need to.

Get an external battery

What happens if your phone runs out of battery? The details of your hotel are likely stored on your phone, so write it down on a piece of paper, just in case. Luckily for you, you brought a power bank (fully charged) with you!

Capture those memories

Some places and people you meet, you probably will never see again. Take a lot of pictures - they're free (well, most anyway) and last forever! Remember to back them up somewhere, in case something happens.

Take care of your body

Travelling can have a big impact on your body. Make sure you stay hydrated, eat healthy food and get enough sleep. Do some light exercises or stretch your body to loosen up those muscles. Apply sunscreen when going out.

Be patient

Being in another country means you can't always have it your way. It doesn't help if you're angry and annoyed all the time. Be open to the things coming your way and make the best of it.

Take it easy

To fully experience your travel satisfaction, more time should be spent in fewer places. Take time to explore, learn about things not mentioned in the guidebook, and meet locals to show you around. You'll have a much greater time than wanting to see as much as possible in the least possible time.

Save money

You don't have to spend so much on a hotel, while there are many cheaper alternatives. Check out hostels, homestays, or try Couchsurfing - they're usually much cheaper to rent, and in the long run will add up in your favor. It's also a great way to meet other people. Try the local cuisine, sniff and taste the things you've never seen or heard before. It's more economical too!