When you think about Indian food, what comes to mind? Hot, spicy, greasy, fatty, heavy, unhealthy? Like many individuals, you may be thinking alone those lines. Additionally, the mind is filled with the words delicious, exciting, diverse, and exotic, a favorite around the world.

No matter image the perceived image of Indian dishes, one thought that may unlikely cross your mind, is that the authentic spices used in Indian food are in actual fact necessary for your health. Its a trait that tends to go neglected by most, so we thought we would highlight this for all of our readers. Here, we have not only one, but five reason why Indian cuisine is a healthy choice.

1. Indian food includes maybe the most dazzling array of fresh vegetables and fruit, cooked in a multitude of ways that help retain their freshness and nutrients. Countless cooking processes tend to cause vegetables and nutrients to lose their health benefits, but that's not the case for Indian cooking. Thus, Indian food permits you to get pleasure from their health benefits, in a more enjoyable approach.

2. Typical Indian food almost always uses fresh ingredients, and involves creating dishes from scratch, which means less preservatives and overall healthier food. By cooking Indian food using an authentic approach, you are avoiding meals that offer little to none of the nutrients you need.

3. Indian cooking uses flavors like turmeric, ginger, garlic and green chillies – all of which have restorative and remedial properties. So when people think of Indian cuisines as being spicy, what they may not understand is that the flavors used to make the dishes have true health benefits for the body, and are more than just their taste.

4. Typical Indian meals have starches, proteins, fats and filaments, which are all components that you really need for a balanced diet.

5. At long last, yogurts are regularly utilized in Indian food. Foods made from fresh milk keep the digestive tract healthy, thanks to the great microorganisms that they contain. They are likewise stuffed with calcium, which means eating them consistently can help you keep from gaining excess body fat, and it can prevent growing insulin resistance, which is an antecedent to both diabetes and coronary heart disease.