There’s one secret to reducing stress, staying focused and having a good sleep? Just doing a quick yoga flow in every morning.

Begin with the child's pose. Focus on relaxing your whole body as well as your mind and breathing deeply. Make your way onto your hands and knees. Start to exchange between back bending when you inhale and rounding forward and up when you exhale. You’d better repeat this at least 3-5 times.

From table pose, you slowly extend your right arm and left leg. Pause several seconds to challenge your core, after that, roll your back and bring your left knee to touch your nose or forehead. Stretch out your arm and leg. Curve left knee and reach right hand to catch the left ankle or foot.

Let go of leg and flow through the downward-facing dog. Perform a low lunge by putting a right leg forward (knee and ankle are in the same line) and lower your left knee to touch the ground. Raise arms and extend your torso and shift weight forward to stretch the front of your left hip.

Come back to the center and bring your palms together and slowly twist over your front leg then put your elbow outside of your right knee if you can. Press palms together, keep your balance and look over your right shoulder.

Go back to the center and raise your arms high up and then slowly arch back for a mini backbend. Make sure you draw your belly in, look up and lift your chin far away from your chest.

Come back to center and place your hands on both sides of your right foot. Bring your right foot back to plank, hold there for at least five breaths and then push back into a downward-facing dog. Finally, put your both knees down on the mat, lower your hips to child's pose for rest and never forget to repeat this entire series on the opposite side.