This article is going to share the experience that helps you save your money while traveling to these places.

1. Ranching in Wyoming

Experienced horse riders can give it a try at moving livestock, checking fences, locating stray stock as well as practicing “cutting” on Working Holiday at New Haven Ranch in Wyoming, nearby Mount Rushmore.

Grand Tetons at sunrise
Photo by Jesse Gardner / Unsplash

Ranch specialist American Round-up can set up stays to correspond with Wyoming’s rodeo season (from June to September) or for autumn as the cattle round-ups occur, with lodging in a five-room ranch guesthouse on-site.

2. Igloo building in Canada

The region of Nunavut, in the far north of Canada, is the Arctic home of the Inuit people. Activity specialist Inukpak Outfitting, located in its capital, Iqaluit, offers cultural experiences, involving igloo-building and overnight stays.

Another shot of the breathtaking scenery of Taktsang Monastery (1692) and Bhutan mountainous landscape. It was still early morning when a few friends and I got there. The clouds/mist are still low and sometimes block the view of the temple. 

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Refer traditional approaches of choosing the best snow, in advance of cutting and putting blocks with a pana (snow knife), after that, have a hearty meal of tutu (caribou) stew and finally, sleep on animal skins.

3. Yodelling in Austria

Mountain lake in a valley
Photo by Paul Gilmore / Unsplash

Yodelling is more exciting than you thought. Find out the methods required to form this Alpine sound in the company of musician and yodel enthusiast Thomas Reitsamer, who runs weekly 84 km south of Salzburg. The workshop, which begins with the Kuhtutten Jodler song, is slipped in the price of the mountain railroad ticket.

4. Dog-sledding in Lapland

Try dog sledding, the traditional manner of transport in the far north of Sweden, inside the Arctic Circle.

Training for the winter
Photo by Leo Mengoli / Unsplash

Scandinavian specialist Nature Travels organizes remote itineraries to learn how to move a sled drawn by Siberian huskies through these pleasant white landscapes which include snowy forests and frozen lakes. Adults and older children who have no previous experience can ride their sled. There are simple kinds of accommodation such as cabins or even saunas.

5. Gondola skills in Venice

Rite of Passage
Photo by George Fitzmaurice / Unsplash

The uncommon Venetian custom of “voga” — standing up and rowing with a single oar — is bound to have changed so the gondolier had a greater opportunity to spot mudflats and sandbanks in the lagoon’s shallow waters. It’s a specialized ability and the four-star Splendid Venice Hotel, close to the St Mark’s Square, has a two-night package available, which embraces a lecture with a gondolier at the Canottieri Querini school, aperitifs and late checkout.