Berlin is a uber-cool, cosmopolitan capital, with modern tourist attractions and Medieval locales at the same place. The epic street art at the Berlin Wall makes it one of the most elusive and exclusive clubs in Europe. The Checkpoint Charlie and Reichstag have a glance at the history of World War II, with spectacular art exhibitions and current art.

Berlin is the best city to spend your free time in European if you are behind the diverse appeal, bustling nightlife, and delicious food. Besides, beyond it, Berlin still has a lot of beautiful places that make you interesting.


You should visit Rüdersdorf with your short trips to Berlin and explore the outstanding Museum Park. Moreover, you can visit the scenic, historic towns of Friedrichshafen and Köpenick on the way, where laid-back lifestyle and rustic complexes are truly appealing.

It is always great to get more insight into the countryside of Germany with your Riverside trip from the extensive Müggelsee waterways to the interesting surroundings which fringe the water. Remember to keep your camera because you will surely discover something picture-worthy on your journey.


Leipzig would be the hip younger brother of East Berlin if East Germany were considered as a family. The largest city of Saxony has become one of the best cities in Germany, which pulls in youthful visitors who are seeking a reasonable and modern city.

Leipzig train station at night
Photo by Kevin Mantey / Unsplash

The tourists additionally brush Leipzig. It is outstanding amongst other trade fair destinations in Germany, which attracts corporate visitors from various parts of the world. Likewise, you can explore a part of Leipzig which most people ignore on day trips out of Berlin.

You can start your day trips from Berlin in winter to visit Leipzig Altstadt. It is around a 10-minute stroll from Hauptbahnhof to the Markt, the Market Square situated here. In and around the square in transit, you will discover a lot of inspiring instances of Saxon architecture from the nineteenth to the twentieth century.

You can visit Post Modernist, Art Nouveau, and other art architectures. For art and music fans, Leipzig is one of the better attractions to dig in Germany. A number of the amazing attractions here are the Bach Museum, GRASSI, and the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts, three museums situated in one.


In case you love the Wannsee, drive a bit ahead toward the west of River Havel and you will have a charming day trip to Peacock Island, Pfaueninsel. It is a mysterious and small island of natural reserves. It is so tiny that it stretches just 0.5 km in width and 1.5 km long. It is dotted with medieval architecture, lavish greens, and wildlife, alongside the clear peacocks for which this island is named.

Spoil yourself off the Havel in the fresh air and wander along the winding lanes to the trilling of birds. Alongside watching birds and spotting peacocks, sniff off the Peacock Island Castle, the Schloss Auf Der Pfaueninsel. The castle was constructed in the late eighteenth century by Fredrick William II. The Kavaliershaus was built in the nineteenth century in the heart of the island.