The 21st century fashion, the modern day world, is about self - expression. Particularly with regards to the dynamic world of women fashion, it is tied in with enhancing the eccentricities that characterize modern day woman. Freedom, Bold, Independent, Sensuous, Graceful, Fierce… these are only a few words that illustrate the modern day women and the words that motivate the women fashion trends today.

Taking a peak at the leading trends of the 21st century, concerning women fashion, it's influenced by the lifestyle of women. Let's take a look at the TOP 3 leading Trends that characterize Women's Fashion in the 21st century:

Power Dressing

The modern day women are career oriented and scaling new heights in each professional field. Power Dressing, therefore, is inspired from the influential, professional women of today who mix cutting edge fashion with boldness. This trend has significantly affected workwear but has also make it way into evening wear and casual wear. Dark tone blazers, collared shirts, well characterized structures and work suits are the most dominating characters.

A few of these have been accentuated with a bit of metallic embellishments to add to the 'power play', while additionally give it a touch of appeal!


It's not the common athletic wear, neither is it leisure wear-it's Ath-leisure! Ath-leisure way has advanced toward the runway fashion as well as ordinary wear. From going to work, shopping to socializing, this prominent trend is everywhere! Women today are pretty pleased with their skin and need to be comfortable all the times- this is the ideal fashion trend for the modern women.

Metallic Tones

Young men wear blue and young ladies wear pink is something of the past! Today there are no colors that are gender oriented explicitly and individuals are increasingly exploratory and expressive through a myriad of colors. Everything is considered, the women fashion world has appreciated all things and shades of metallic. From metallic cosmetics to shoes, garments to accessories- everything is enormous in the 21st century. Metallic trends are an appealing blend of powerful, sensual and sexy tones. It's an approach to extend your confidence and be a showstopper.