People are now concerning about fashion trend showing on the catwalk and online

At online menswear store Mr Porter, the individual shopping group get messages from customers straight after fashion shows expressing interest in looks they spotted on the catwalk. Purchasing administrator Terry Betts reports that in year and a half of trading, Mr Porter has seen the development of a new "really strong fashion guy."

"Historically in menswear, the catwalk pieces were the dressing and most of the deals originated from the more classic things," he clarifies. "But we've noticed that there is a customer who wants the really visual pieces from the shows."

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Balenciaga's knitwear, Givenchy catwalk sweatshirts and Jil Sander's whale jumper have all been current hits. Mr Porter re-ordered the Sander knit because of a waiting list. These catwalk pieces have turned into "some of the highest grossing items and we have sold them in volume", says Betts.

The proliferation of fashion online has been essential to this boom. "Real fashion being worn by real men, making trends more accessible," is the way Jessica Punter of GQ sums up why men's style blogs, for example, Tommy Ton are so popular.

Betts accepts menswear collections have also improved. "Collections are stronger and designers are braver in terms of fabrics and colours," he says. "The customer is also more informed – catwalk shows used to be very elitist, however now there is more access, even whether it's live-streaming shows or seeing the photos online not long after the show."

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Luxurious brands are additionally funding for menswear. Burberry, who reports that during the last financial year men's accessories were the fastest developing area of its business while sales of men's tailoring multiplied, opened its first UK independent men's store in Knightsbridge this week. Alexander McQueen has quite recently opened another menswear space on Savile Row ahead of demonstrating its men's mainline collection for the first time in the capital in January during the second London fashion week for men. Response from industry insiders to the inaugural occasion, which took place in June, has been positive. What's more, it has been a business achievement too. "All the designers we've seen or spoken to since have seen a massive uptake in their books so it really has paid off," says Punter.