Is it safe for a female to travel anyplace in the world? Tibet is a safe place to visit for both gentleman and laddies, and as long as you take similar precautions as you would take in the other country, as well as your home country, then there's no reason why females should not visit Tibet. However, ladies should learn more about Tibet to have a good trip and enjoy the whole trip.

Personal hygiene

Westerners or southerners from China are often used to showering at least once each day. However, in Tibet, thanks to the dry weather and high altitude and coldness, you are recommended to shower only when it’s warm enough, say, within the daytime. Additionally, you are recommended not to shower within the first two or three days in Tibet before you have totally adapted to the altitude.


As you know, at the same time of day individuals will experience completely different weather at the same time of day. Even when you stay in the same place, but here, the day and night temperature distinction can be overwhelming. Therefore, do get enough warm clothes for handy usage.

We know you're kind of keen on sun tanning and get bronze-colored skin. However, believe me, sunlight in Tibet isn't what you presumed. Once in Tibet, always keep in mind to use sun cream or, if you find the altitude sickness of your cream is annoying, wear long sleeves and trousers, scarves, hat, and sunglasses.

Monastery rules

Photo by Will Pagel / Unsplash

Most Tibetans believe in Buddhism, therefore, it’s better to follow the traditions. Ladies should attempt to avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing like shorts or low-cut tops, particularly once going to the local’s house or monastery. You can get references from taking notice of what native Tibetan women wear. Additionally, some monasteries don’t allow female entry into their gönkhang (protector chapel) and even yard.

Police are easy to be found

Tibetan Buddhism has a deep respect for the equality of women. Therefore, essentially, female travelers are worry-free safety-wise. However, in case something does happen, the police will arrive almost immediately. Anyway, bring your guide at all times, and follow the guide’s recommendation, it can make you less worried about unexpected things.