Greece has been for some time associated with water and boats. The territory of Greece supports the Aegean Sea and its wealth of islands. These islands with their highlighted whitewashed structures are often what visitors think of when you say "Greece." There are various beautiful island groups, however, the Cyclades is likely the most well-known for containing Mykonos in the north end and Santorini in the south. If you are keen on doing some island hopping in Greece, this is an amazing place to explore.


The Cyclades are less than one hundred miles from Athens in the Aegean Sea. There are many small airports in the chain, with most flights originating in Athens. The other approaches to get out to the islands, and the main way to get around in the chain, are ferry boats. It's around five 1/2 hours from Mykonos to Athens on a slow ferry.

To get from one island to the next, hunt out a travel agent and ask about boat schedules and tickets. Even though there are schedules online, they may be unreliable.


Many of the Greek Islands are party destinations. Mykonos town was a warren of streets of shopping interspersed with bars and cafes with outside seating. Drinking and dancing were really easy to find here. Los is famous for local parties too. This is a late-night place where most of the hardcore party-ers don’t even get up until dark and then go until dawn.

Throughout the islands in September, things were slowing down with each club in Ios closed. You probably enjoy some drinks, partying, you totally can avoid noisiness from clubs. Therefore, if you are a person who loves quiet, this is time is the best choice for you.


Greek food is pretty amazing. You can find Taverna anywhere. However, a lot of restaurants are closed during the afternoon, and typically they reopen late into the evening. Gyros, fish in all forms, Greek salad (“duh”) and even vegetarian things like stuffed peppers or fried zucchini are common on each island. Greek yogurt, wine, ouzo, olives and different things you can try in Greece, and you could also taste how fresh it was.