While some areas around the world are basking in the sun, and others covered under a carpet of snow, it can't hurt to look at the trends for the beaches or pools this year. Let's see what the experts in the world have to say about the latest ideas in swimwear land.


These colors are trending this year. Don't be surprised when a sea of this tint is flooding your retinas during the warmer days of the year.

Animal Prints

From zebras to panthers, everybody likes to go 'wild' from time to time. This season-less theme made its way from the land to the sea.


This theme is timeless. Horizontally or vertical, these lines can be worn straight on the beach.


When you take a glance at this shiny tone, the question is: does it match my complexion? The answer is complex: not for everyone but for the braver ones amongst us who want to express themselves.

Ruffled Details

Ruffles emerged on the catwalk this season and it looks like it has followed them to the promenade. From bikinis to one-pieces, stitched on it gives that soft accentuation.

Tie'm Up

There use to be a time when the ties were neatly on the back. Today's trend scatters tiny bows and tie knots all over the place, and yeah, they   look absolutely in the right place, no matter where it's put on any style of swimwear.


Who doesn't love them. Now you can take them with you while you go for a swim.

Sun Block

To give extra protection from the sun, bring your long sleeves along.

Embroidered Swimwear

This adorable style can be stitched with all kind of styles and motifs. Not really suitable for the more voluptuous beachgoers.

High Cut Swimsuit

Making your legs appear longer, this trend exists for a couple of seasons now and is here to stay. Reason for this is because it's suited for almost all body types.

Belted Swimwear

Looking back at the '60s and '70s, belts fashioned a way to the swimwear world. Endlessly matchable, this timeless accessory gives that extra highlight.