Cơm tấm

The name is literally translated as ‘broken rice’ in Vietnamese, and is traditionally served with fried egg, diced green onions, and a range of meats. Typically, it’s a preferred selection for breakfast or lunch, but is often enjoyed any time of day, due to its comparatively cheap cost, found at street markets and food stalls for about VND 20,000 per bowl. The selection of toppings consists of barbecued pork chop, shredded pork skin, and steamed pork and egg patty. The dish additionally comes with a side of preserved vegetables, cucumber slices, and Vietnamese dipping sauce.

Bánh Cuốn

Also called rolled cake, this dish is great for travelers, sightseeing in Vietnam. A combination of ground meat (chicken, shrimp, or pork), minced wood-ear mushroom, onions, Vietnamese ham, steamed beansprouts, and cucumbers wrapped in a steamed rice flour sheet. The overall taste is amazingly delicate, despite the savoury ingredients. For extra flavour, you can dip the banh cuon into nuoc cham sauce. Thanks to its popularity amongst travellers, you'll be able to easily spot many street vendors selling banh cuon near tourist sights, and in nightlife districts.

Xôi Xéo

Xoi xeo is a sweet and savoury Vietnamese snack that’s usually topped with green mung bean paste, soy sauce, and dried shallots. For a more substantial meal, several restaurants currently provide a range of ingredients like pate, cooked chicken, Vietnamese ham, marinated pork belly, or preserved eggs. A basic bowl usually costs VND 15,000, whereas add-ins range between VND 15,000 and VND 30,000. Xoi xeo can even be enjoyed for dessert, when consisted of dried coconut shavings, roasted sesame seeds, and crystallized sugar.